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About us

LATEXPO is a leading company in Latvia in the areas of planning, developing and organizing exhibitions, conferences, seminars and presentations. Since 1994 the company has organized more than 100 exhibitions and other international events.

The company LATEXPO does marketing research and analyzes the local and overseas markets, as well as helps with finding international business partners and provides a wide range of quality services. The company also provides a great support

to the participants of the exhibitions before, during and after the events.

The company LATEXPO offers you to participate in industry-specific international exhibitions, including the opportunity to display your information on the national exhibition stand.

Mission of the Company

Our mission is to implement and develop our unique experience and knowledge into organization of business events enabling you to reach your professional goals.

Aim and objectives

To ensure a high standard of organizational and client services. To provide the local and international companies with an efficient dynamic platform for establishing and developing business marketing network, presenting innovative projects, ideas and strategies that will enable development of the market.