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Cannes International Emigration and Luxury Property Expo 2018
A conference and exhibition on investment immigration and international high-end real estate

The Cannes International Emigration and Luxury Property Expo 2018
is an international conference and exhibition to be held  9-10 November 2018 at the Hyatt Hotel Martinez Cannes. 

The Cannes International Emigration and Luxury Property Expo incudes:

  • A conference featuring government representatives, leaders of the world’s most prominent immigration companies, and major property developers;
  • An exhibition showcasing around 100 international companies;
  • The ‘Global Challenges of the Immigration Market’ roundtable for government representatives only;
  • A press conference for leading business and industry media from 30 countries;
  • A variety of other activities, including seminars, individual meetings with clients; and
  • An exclusive high-end Gala Party for exhibitors and attendees.

The Expo will combine two events: The Investment Immigration and Luxury Real Estate international conference, panel discussions and a press conference will be held on the first day (9 November), and the second day’s (10 November) agenda will include an exhibition, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Exhibitors and Attendees

The exhibition will bring together leading companies from 30 countries, including the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, and other EU states. Exhibitors include immigration companies, property developers, law and financial firms, and private banks.

Our regular exhibitors include:

  • Government agencies from 30 countries, including the USA, Canada, the EU (Spain, Cyprus, Malta etc.), the Caribbean (Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis), and more;
  • International associations;
  • Prominent immigration companies and luxury real estate market leaders;
  • Major personal financial consultancies; and
  • Other leaders in the related fields.

Visitors include private individuals interested in immigration, acquisition of upscale real estate and personal financial consulting services, as well as international entrepreneurs, home buyers, and prospective immigrants.

Topics of the Exhibition

  • Immigration (temporary or permanent residency in developed countries);

  • Acquisition of luxury real estate abroad (for personal use, to secure assets, create cash flow, or gain temporary or permanent residency through investment in an affluent country); and

  • Personal financial consulting (company formation, opening bank accounts in highly developed countries, private banking, tax optimization etc.).

What We Deliver (B2B):

       ● World’s leading companies;
       ● The primary target audience: Direct prospects (potential immigrants and real estate buyers);
       ● The opportunity to contact potential partners from 30 countries;
       ● The opportunity to speak to your target audience at the conference;
       ● Access to an online appointment scheduling system to help you plan your schedule and make the most of your time at the exhibition;
       ● Access to an exclusive database, featuring contact information for prospective clients and partners from across the globe.

What We Deliver (B2C):

  • Comprehensive assistance with temporary and permanent residence permits, dual citizenship, real estate acquisition, asset protection, company formation, opening bank accounts in highly developed countries, etc.);
  • Individual meetings with real estate experts;
  • Seminars and panel discussions;
  • Bespoke face-to-face advice from financial and legal professionals, and more.

The Cannes International Emigration and Luxury Property Exhibition is the 12th project in the IELP series. Between 2016 and 2018, IELPE events were held around the world, including in Shanghai, Mumbai, Moscow, Kyiv, Cannes, Almaty, and Baku.  Interviews with exhibitors and attendees and their feedback on the event can be viewed here.

Official website:

For more information, please contact:

Anita Vlasova / / +371 26488160
Jelena Pashkova / / +371 20003207

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