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Expo Beauty

For more tjan 20 years the Expo Beauty Project occupies a strong position in the Latvian market, year after year, developing the exhibition, professional and entertainment programs for visitors.

Undoubtedly, this event attracts a mass audience, and it is worth emphasizing that the Expo Beauty project is particularly interesting fot both the beauty industry professionals and visitors.

We kindly offer you to take part in the exhibition EXPO Beauty as a sponsor!

For sponsors and investors - it is really worth the investment, because the exhibition gathers together majority of the leading representatives of the industry and a large number of potential customers. Expo Beauty plays a key role in the conclusion of new deals and orders, increasing welfare and turnover of companies that collaborate with us.

Advertising on television and radio announcements and articles in the media, newspapers and magazines follow the events of the exhibition and highlight them.

Take part in the project of Expo Beauty, choosing a suitable sponsorship package. Each individually selected package has its own special advantages. We are open for cooperation and ready to discuss options and individual sponsorship. Depending on the size of the sponsorship fee and your desires, you can pick out the right kind of sponsorship and take the worthy place in a worthy project.

Marketing department manager: 
Anita Vlasova, +371 20003205,